Official Container Registration

  • International protected ISO alpha codes for identification of container owners at Bureau International des Containers (BIC) in Paris
  • Approved Continuous Examination Program (ACEP), an alternative to the Periodic Examination Scheme. The container inspection scheme utilized by most major ocean carriers and container lessors to ensure ongoing safety compliance of containers. In response to container safety concerns, Administrations are now required to publish a list of all valid ACEP’s, to audit ACEP-holders on a regular basis and to renew ACEP’s every 10 years. The Global ACEP Database was built to address these new requirements, bringing all ACEP data into one centralized database and ensuring full transparency for all concerned parties

Periodic Container CSC – ACEP inspections

Periodic Field CSC inspections worldwide including Out Area Operations for all containers with a type approval according current edition of International Container Safety Convention (1972) published by IMO.

Certified maintenance and repair of all types of 463L aircraft containers, ISO & offshore containers, shelters and chassis

Maintenance and repair according to IATA and The Institute of International Container Lessors (IICL) recognized as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) with skilled and experienced container mechanics of all kinds of 20’ and 40’ ISO freight containers and chassis such as;

  • AIRCRAFT Unit Load Device ULD’s according IATA ULD Regulations (ULDR) and The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).
  • System 463L equipment
  • Tactic shelters
  • Offshore containers according EN 12079 and DNV 2.7.1
  • Standard Dry Van – flatracks – opentop – side door etc.
  • Diesel and all-electric driven reefer containers and insulated containers
  • Tank containers heated and non-heated
  • Etc.

Design approval

Design, type approval and periodic container safety (CSC) inspections of ISO Freight containers, SWAP bodies and ISO tactical shelters.

Design approval for Series 1 Freight Containers according to;

  • ISO  668 Classification Dimensions and Ratings
  • ISO 1161 Corner fittings, Specification
  • ISO 1496 Specification and Testing
  • ISO 6346 Coding, identification and marking

Design approval for Offshore containers according to;

  • EN 12079      Design, construction, testing, inspection and marking (also DNV 2.7.1)